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Go to Amazon right now

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How Cool Is That ?

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In Mom’s dream sequence…we get 100 downloads today :)  


and yes, you can share it with the neighbors, coworkers, bible study, each cell phone in your house…it all counts.  

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Yoga anyone?

This harkins back to January…Im always at January.  Trinity Club at Chatard us doing a yoga class starting next wednesday October 3rd at K of C.  8:30…right after drop off, in time to skarf down a coffee on the way.  Click on this web address thing for info specifics  (its my momblog)  FYI
  its not just a chatard thing, its a north deanery thing.

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What you missed at bookclub Wednesday…mmmm



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Friends n Stuff

Sorry, no cheater topics posted for tonight. The month has been a blur.  All I can think of is the Shel Silverstein poem “Sick”.  Anybody remember that one? 

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The Fun I Found I’m Missing

Good Morning Dumplings!

I’m writing to you from somewhere over rural Kentucky…I think.  It’s really hard to tell from 33000 feet.  A lot of things are unclear from here.  Maybe that’s why I like flying… it doesn’t challenge me intellectually.  We are headed to Captiva Island for the week.  Seven days from now I’ll be on another plane running from Ft. Myers to Orlando for a quick sampling of Disney Princess overload.  Then it’ll be time to come back to the Ivy Hills of Indy.  In my usual “I must over analyze things it’s who I am” moment on Wednesday, I thought that our last meeting was kinda missing something (although the chocolate fondue more than compensated!).
The jest of May’s chapter was  about fun, liesure…play time.  And yet, most of us had a pretty hard time defining it for ourselves.

  For Alice… I’ll compare defining fun to a particular shade of Gray;).  You know it when you have it just right, but it can be damned elusive when you’re searching for it.

I think I tend to confuse fun with happiness.  Fun is  something in the fleeting moment.  It’s in stuff that can make you giggle.  An awkward photo, a phrase taken out of context, a mom screaming obscenities while begging Jesus to tell her where she is on the roller coaster… that stuff is fun.  Sometimes my fun is just a unexpected experience or a pleasant surprise.   I think that’s why I really enjoyed Lent this year.  I thought I was doing the opposite of my normal “give something up as my Jesus promise.”  Actually, I was doing the same thing.  This year  what I really gave up  was my usual defenses and resistance. In truth, I gave up my wet blanket comfort zone.

During my Lenten journey, I actually discovered how un-fun I had let myself become.  Apparently my assigned flight pattern wasnt often deviating from 33,000 feet.  Not much to see.  Not always easy to see where you currently are or what lies below the cloud cover. Pretty safe and reliable though.

I think that sucks.  I cannot believe I’ve allowed myself to side slide into a rut of dowdy predictability.  My head gives me permission for this by thoughts like…I’m older and wiser, I know myself, I’m not wasting time doing stuff I may not like.  Know thyself?  To thine own self be true?  I think that crap has backfired to the point that I’ve almost forgotten who I am.  I think I used to be a pretty fun gal.  How do you forget yourself to the point that you aren’t allowing fun anymore? 

 Comfort only please.  Yuck.  That does suck!
So for this vacation I packed without my perfunctory list of lists- I -need- to -make.  I upgraded Levi’s kennel experience to Pampered Pup.  I had lunch with Caitlin spontaneously yesterday and tucked postage stamps, a check book, and the contents of the bill drawer into my suitcase.  I can pay bills from the island.  I can skip that Friday ritual  (rut) and maybe do it on Tuesday or something. 

 Go Wild Thing Go!  

 At my man-pedi yesterday I opted for Navy toenails.
And, I laughed out loud at the video Caitlin took of Lily having her mani-pedi.  The big massage chair tickled her so much she was hooting with squirmy giggles while Chau was trying to paint sparkled tiger stripes for her “beach toes.”  Next Saturday when the car takes us from the airport to the land of all that is Mouse, Im going to fix my gaze on Lily and watch for the moment that her eyes light up.  It’ll be when the giant ears appear atop the water tower  over the tree tops.  I can’t wait!  That will be fun.  The next 36 hours may be scripted by Dante…but that fleeting moment…when she see’s where she’s landed,  that is where I will find my biggest fun of the week.  Being silly without cares  and with only wide-eyed expectations of sparkles and sweets…thats fun.  That is the good stuff.  Now I remember!

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Grad Photo in April

For those who must know…yes, that’s me.  May of 1979.  My hair in all of its Farrah Fawcett glory.  Im sure Lebanon High School heaved a sigh of relief when Mr Coombs handed out that diploma.  We actually did these photos at rehearsal.  I threw a fit while directing the photographer to wait for my cue to “snap.”  I needed a moment to get the head tilt, stance and tassel all into optimum alignment.  Afterall, I didn’t want my photo to look posed.  Spontaneous effect don’ t you agree? 

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Which way did May go?

May flew by in a wink and a fury.  Everything about it seemed to be a challenge for me.  Gretchen dubbed the chapter “Leisure.”  I think that’s a funny little irony right there.  For years, May has been a boom month for me.  When I was being interior- designer- girl, everyone wanted everything delivered and installed by May something.  Mother’s day, 500 guests, graduations…even the crust edge of wedding season starts in May.  I think I’ve personally witnessed more nervous breakdowns in May than in any other month in the calendar.    Their home may have been last updated when Ike was in office…but damnit…this year will be different.  Unfortunately most of my clients made their proclamations on about April 28th.  That doesn’t leave much room for second guessing selections and leisurely shopping.  Those are the moments when you witness a persons true core.

Coffee house days were much the same.  But instead of sofas and swags, it was cookies and cakes.  Panic, panic, panic.  Not by me, but by the customers.  I always had their orders ready a little early, but learned to not call to let them know.  Telling some women they could pick up dozens of cookies early  “if they pleased” was like throwing a match on a mattress.  Pretty dicey business.  For some, just knowing cookies were sitting neatly tied away in white boxes on a counter before they were ready to pick them up…well…some were relieved and thankful…others took it as a sabotaging mock of their inadequacy as a hostess.  That’s how the breakdowns and crying happened in honor of May celebrations. Usually strong, adult women could be felled by cookies ready ahead of schedule.  Ouch. 
Maybe its the weather?  Everything is up and down, humidity, temperature…take a sweater?  Sunscreen?  Parka?  Or maybe its the nature of the season..  Being the fifth month, May is just what it says it is.  A lot of unknowns~ a lot that may happen.  Five is the numerological representation of chaos and fitful changes.  A cycle of “5″ is marked with many beginnings and endings all swirling together and fighting for attention.  Sort of like when 8th grade is finally done, highschool football with the big boys begins.  A moment of relief, followed by a new worry.   I think that’s how May becomes a run- as- fast -as- you- can month for most of us. 
Gretchen just hasn’t come to that point in her life yet.  Dont get me wrong, I love her.  I actually follow her blog and get a daily dose of happiness delivered to my inbox each morning.  But leisure during May is way too much to ask of my nature (reminds me of “celebrations” and sobbing over cookies and end tables).

Then there’s the other two suggestions:  Go off the path and Start a Collection.  Hmmm.

  In all honesty, I’m way ahead of most people on the Start a Collection idea. This is where I can excell!  As I read those paragraphs I started trying to list all the things that I already collect.  I’m pretty much on my way to an appearance on A&E’s show Hoarders.  The short list was flow blue china, antique flatware, pretty much anything silver and antique, etiquette books, obscure local history books, playing cards, vintage jewelry, books with silly titles (King Dork really cracks me up),blue willow china, cookbooks, stuff with birds… I really need to stop the list before I embarrass myself.  Oh, and there’s that little Wizard of Oz fetish I have….man!  This is starting to look bad..
I decided “Go off the path” would be the healthiest and most productive project for my May happiness.  So I jumped off the Yellow Brick Road (whoops) and landed with Gretchen on an ” Interest Log.:” I’ll let you know how that goes, right now I’m busy collecting interests for my log…:)

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